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Market Research Uncovers Growth Potential for Wellness Brand

Neuell is an online wellness brand that creates content around innovative ways to bring mind and body together. Neuell partnered with Clovis to undertake a market research project to better understand their target audience and identify new opportunities for growth.


  • The target audience was difficult to define. The public with interest in health and wellness are a diverse group with a variety of needs.
  • The market was highly competitive. There were a number of other content creators, websites and apps that were targeting the same audience.
  • It was difficult to measure the effectiveness of the digital strategy. There were a number of factors that could affect website traffic and sales, making it difficult to isolate the impact of the digital strategy.
Neuell design

Our partnership with Clovis helped us better understand our position in the market and identify new opportunities for growth we had never considered.

Rafi V.VP, Marketing, Neuell


  • The research team used a variety of methods to define the target audience, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  • We conducted an in-depth competitive analysis to better understand the market landscape and Neuell’s position within it.
  • We developed a digital strategy with Neuell that focused on three key areas: improving the user experience, reaching a wider audience, and developing new products and services.
  • We used a variety of metrics to measure the effectiveness of the digital strategy, including website traffic, leads, and sales.

Based on the findings of this project, Neuell developed a digital strategy that focused on three key areas:

  • Creating high-quality content: Neuell made a commitment to creating high-quality content that would provide their target audience with valuable information about wellness, healing, and nutrition.
  • Reaching a wider audience: Neuell expanded their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience of people who were interested in wellness. They did this by increasing their spending on online advertising and by attending more industry events.
  • Developing new products and services: Neuell developed a number of new products and services that were designed to meet the needs of their target audience. These products and services included a new online course on stress management, a new subscription box that delivered healthy snacks and meal kits, and a new app that tracked users’ fitness goals.


  • The market research findings and recommendations helped Neuell to better define their target audience.
  • The project identified a number of new opportunities for growth.
  • Neuell has seen a significant increase in website traffic, converted leads, and sales.
  • Neuell is now well-positioned for continued growth in the years to come.

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