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Google Analytics 4 Migration and Optimization Unlocks Clarity in Reporting

Virrtue is a startup publishing platform that produces article-based content on general culture topics. They engaged Clovis to set up Google Analytics 4 correctly in order to gain insights into their most valuable customer channels and campaigns. They also wanted to track conversion funnels for various calls to action, such as subscribing to topic-based mailing lists and creating site accounts.


  • Tracking mailing list subscription funnels accurately was difficult due to a widget loading in an iframe.
  • We uncovered inconsistent tagging that was causing duplicate data.
  • We needed to resolve the complexities surrounding cross-domain tracking for accurate campaign and source attribution.
  • We needed to track funnel steps for some calls to action on the primary domain, as no event data was being pushed to the dataLayer.
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Throughout the entire process, Clovis maintained excellent communication, keeping us updated on the progress and ensuring we were aligned every step of the way.

Stephen H.Senior Communications Manager, Virrtue


The Clovis team was able to overcome these challenges by using a variety of solutions.

  • We used JavaScript’s postMessage function to accurately capture all relevant events for mailing list subscription tracking.
  • We also used the Trim function to eliminate extra spaces from data, ensuring consistent data.
  • We implemented HTML DOM manipulation through JavaScript to effectively track funnel steps on the primary domain.


  • Nearly all conversions across different types of bookings were attributed correctly to their respective sources, mediums, and campaigns. There was only a minimal discrepancy of 2-3%, primarily due to factors like ad blockers and outdated browser versions.
  • Notably, mailing list subscriptions within iframes were now accurately tracked and attributed, and the tagging duplication issue was resolved.
  • Conversion funnel steps for calls to action on the primary domain were being correctly tracked, providing valuable insights for optimization.
  • With accurate Google Analytics implementation, Virrtue’s marketing team gained valuable insights into user behavior and dropout points, enabling them to optimize their processes effectively.
  • By aligning their analytics system with their business goals, Virrtue took a significant step forward in enhancing their overall performance and delivering exceptional experiences to their readers.

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